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Alison Geddes

I'm Alison Geddes, founder of Aspect Autism Consultancy.  Aspect came to be following a 30 year career within mental health services. I have worked as far flung as Australia and within various settings including Acute Psychiatry, Eating disorders, Psychotherapy services and Child and Adolescent mental health (CAMHS).   I became acutely aware of the additional support and understanding autistic individuals required.   

At Aspect I believe that the world is not particularly 'autism friendly' but in recent years there has been many changes in raising awareness within schools, in public places, in the work place and indeed amongst health professionals.  At Aspect we believe that one person at a time, we can continue to raise awareness of all autistic presentations and break down stigma of what we think we know already.

I have particular interest in Autism in women and girls and have expertise in eating disorder presentations among autistic individuals. My experience across the age range is unique.

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Aspect Autism Team

Aspect are a highly skilled independant mental health service who work across the age range providing swift private autism assessment.  Alison works with highly skilled experienced, associate clinicians with extensive experience and training in Mental Health Nursing, Clinical Psychology, Speech and Language therapy and Occupational Therapy. Our clinicians are experienced professionals who each have over 25 years in their speciality.  We have experience and expertise in the diagnosis of adults and  assessment of children.  We can offer additional support services in some cases or onward referral  to Family therapy, Psychiatry or counselling. 

Please Contact us if you would like further information about a no obligation appointment to discuss concerns you may have or about our assessments. 


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