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Frequently Asked

  • What can I expect from appointments at Aspect?
    Our staff provide free initial assessment calls (via Zoom) to everyone. This gives you an opportunity to discuss some background history, the merits of assessment and answer any questions you may have. Proceeding with a formal assessment of autism will be discussed at this time. Further appointments will be made with your autism clinician. The assessment is a recognised gold standard assessment. The ADOS-2 is usually conducted and always involves other clinicians who will meet with you and your autism clinician at assessment date face to face. Following assessment, feedback appointments are offered either via Zoom or in person. Any additional letters, counselling appointments will incur a cost post diagnosis should you need this.
  • Are your Autism assessments recognised by NHS and Education?
    Yes, our assessments follow recognised guidelines and are very thorough. We draw on information provided from you, and or relevant others who are involved and know you or your family member well. Unlike other private services, all our clinicians each have over 25years experience in their field of expertise and have additional training in Autism assessment, provide national autism training and are governed by their relevant professional bodies and provide gold standard assessments.
  • Do you provide payment plans or accept private health care providers?
    We do not provide payment plans but you can spread cost by conducting assessment over a period of time. Final payment is required at your final assessment appointment. We are not registered with Private Health care providers however they may accept your wish to be assessed by Aspect Autism Consultancy. They will reimburse you once paid invoices are provided to them. Check with your healthcare provider that they will cover your costs before booking.
  • Do you do Medical-Legal work at Aspect?
    No. We are not set up to provide medical or legal reports/assessment for individuals in legal proceedings.
  • Do you also diagnose ADHD?
    We do not accept referrals for ADHD assessment, however we may make a diagnosis of ADHD alongside an Autism one, in some cases. We cannot offer ADHD assessment alone as we are unable to provide treatment options such as ongoing parenting support and or medication options, which is best practice. Any diagnosis of ADHD at Aspect will be incorporated into your final diagnostic report, however you may wish to seek further referral via NHS or privately. This may incur a wait time and further assessment.
  • Can I access support following diagnosis?
    At Aspect we provide a feedback appointment. We have an open door for anyone wishing to access counselling or support. We can offer time limited sessions for those post diagnosis who suffer with anxiety, depression, eating disorders or require a listening ear. Additional hourly fee of £75 will be incurred. For those families who wish to access Family therapy we can provide this also. For Psychiatry, we can provide onward referral.
  • Do you provide training or conduct other assessments for the workplace?
    Aspect provide support and Neurodiversity training to educational settings as well as in the workplace.
  • What if I am unhappy with the service I have received?
    At Aspect we pride ourselves in offering an open and transparent approach. We are more than happy to resolve any grievance you may have and are open to suggestions about how we might improve our service to you. Please contact Alison at
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